A weekend full of recording

Looks like we actually pulled it off!

Our first (real) Podcast went live this past Saturday, with Keith and Z hosting the show. No specific topics were really talked about - we used it more as a platform to discuss our thoughts on what the show could be and what we feel could be topics that will be worth talking about.

We followed this up on Sunday with Keith, Keyvan, and Z discussing sports, mainly centered around Kobe's retirement, Steph Curry, GOAT NBA players, cricket (yes that cricket), and athlete longevity in sports. All of these can be found in the archive section of the site, as well as on our SoundCloud account (simply click "play podcast" from the home screen to get directed to our latest podcast".)

We also had a group of friends come on by thru the weekend for a little bit of fun. These will be posted in the excerpts section of the site.

All in all - a great weekend. We think this is something we'll enjoy doing for quite a while. Looking forward to gathering some steam!